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High-Performance Racing: Shifting Additive Manufacturing into High Gear

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In the world of professional racing, every second counts. Competitors are consistently exploring new and more effective approaches to designing better, faster, and more aerodynamic machines. While the challenge of engineering better tooling and parts has been discussed in the world of professional motor sports, never has the power of additive manufacturing been unveiled in competitive sailing.  Additive manufacturing is actively providing a significant competitive edge for one of the leading entries into the America's Cup, the world's elite sailing race, now in its 132nd year. Much like a plane, these high-speed sailing vessels are constantly being designed and re-designed to create the most durable, lightweight and aerodynamic racing machine possible. In this session, we'll explore how 3D printing is being used to design and build the fastest watercraft in the world today, helping the U.S. win back the America's Cup.  Lead designer of American Magic, Robyn Lesh, will outline the high requirements and manufacturing demands currently facing the team - and how additive manufacturing is key to their competitive edge.

Learning Objectives:

  • Better understand the challenges manufacturers face in integrating new technologies such as additive manufacturing into their prototype and product environments, including the need for lightweight yet durable parts
  • Realize how the challenges of professional racing is a micrososm for the larger issues facing manufacturers in high-performance environments, allowing them to build a roadmap for AM integration
  • Actionalize the learnings of the American Magic team to build an effective plan of action for more effective integration of additive manufacturing in their challenging and complex manufacturing-led environments
  • Pat Carey
    Senior Vice President, Products & Solutions
  • Robyn Lesh
    Design Engineer
    New York Yacht Club American Magic