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Increase Print Quality with Power Quality

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When it comes to the high-tech 3D printing processes in today’s digital industrial era, even a short power disruption can have a significant impact. Whether caused by inconsistent utility operation, weather-related incidents or the normal operation of nonlinear load equipment, a power disruption can affect the quality of the 3D-printed component, even if the process has been completed. This loss extends well beyond the component, leading to an array of operational impacts. What challenges can power loss during 3D printing create? It can create loss of operations, loss of raw materials, increased lead time to customers, reduced human resource utilization, loss of revenue and increased operating costs. A UPS power back-up system and its associated components can help the 3D printing processes run smoothly by mitigating power anomalies that negatively impact the additive production process. Recent case studies with industry leaders such as Lockheed Martin, EOS and GE show significant operational savings with an integrated power quality solution.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand where the risks are and reduce the impact of operations losses that are subject to the lack of power quality in your facility.
  • Analyze existing infrastructure and mitigate potential fire hazards that legacy infrastructure and weather events may cause in your facility.
  • Measure a way to monetize the investment of power quality to protect your employees, facility, and your final product.