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Industrializing Metal Binder Jetting: Driving Market Adoption

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Over the past five years, advancements in Metal Binder Jetting have uniquely positioned this manufacturing method as the ideal candidate for industrialization. As the technology continues to accelerate at a rapid pace and manufacturers innovate new solutions to its current bottlenecks, the AM industry must collectively drive market adoption of Metal Binder Jetting across customer segments to sustain the industry’s growth.

The Metal Binder Jetting process provides distinct advantages compared to conventional manufacturing methods, including rapid design to production times, minimal to no tooling costs, and nearly unlimited design freedom. Driving market adoption of Metal Binder Jetted parts is directly aligned with the need for customer education on how to leverage the technology’s advantages. With a focused effort on knowledge sharing, customers can self-associate Metal Binder Jetting as a key technology for their products and logistics infrastructure to provide high value product designs, design flexibility, bridge production, consolidate supply chain operations, and more.

Today’s market perception shows that customer expectations are not aligned with manufacturing reality due to an emphasis on cutting costs out of current products, not leveraging Design for Additive Manufacturing in product development, and not identifying the business risks associated with today’s supply chain shortcomings. As a result, Metal Binder Jetting’s market adoption for industrialized production has not moved as rapidly as the technology’s advancements.

By aligning expectations of the technology and shifting customer focus to the how the manufacturing method improves product quality and decreases organizational risk, the AM industry can accelerate market adoption of Metal Binder Jetting and drive the technology toward wide-spread industrialization.

Learning Objectives:

  • Upon completion, participant will be able to describe the importance of knowledge sharing across the Additive Manufacturing industry to support the education of customers.
  • Upon completion, participant will be able to define market adoption, specifically understanding it’s role in the growth of an emerging Additive Manufacturing technology.
  • Upon completion, participant will be able to apply the learned tools to their organization in an effort to better educate customers on the advantages of Metal Binder Jetting.
  • Neil Belanus
    Senior Additive Manufacturing Engineer
    DSB Technologies