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The Perfect Fitz: Re-Thinking Kid's Customized Eyewear with AM

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3D printing and additive manufacturing for finished consumer goods has always been a tantalizing prospect, but on-demand, custom-made, inventory-free and sustainable manufacturing has always been just out of reach. The Achilles heel has always been finishing, with parts coming off the printer requiring extensive manual labor to make them ready for the end consumer. Until now. Utilizing DyeMansion’s complete finishing line, Fitz Frames was able to bring their custom-fitted kids’ eyeglasses to market and build a manufacturing process that is both sustainable and resilient, delivering made-to-measure glasses in about a week. While supply chains in the eyeglasses industry broke down during COVID, Fitz Frames was able to continue operations uninterrupted, and indeed pivot their manufacturing line in under two weeks to create prescription PPE eyewear for frontline medical personnel.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the value add of how Additive Manufacturing can enable a quick turn solution for a high-volume application
  • Demonstrate the true value of the customizable aspect that the right combination of design and postprocessing can do for a consumer product