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Making an Impact: The Perfect Fitz: Re-Thinking Kid's Customized Eyewear with AM

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Building an innovative product that combines customization for the consumer along with economic stability is the ultimate goal. This is where the founder behind Impact footwear turned to Additive Manufacturing to encompass each of these goals. The design freedom and ability to tailor a product to the needs of the consumer can be made possible through powder bed 3D-printing and the right post-processing combination. To be successful with a footwear application many things must be considered: Will it be safe to wear, will it be durable and comfortable, and of course, how does it look visually. The enablement of this through an end-to-end finishing workflow created the opportunity for this application to meet exactly those needs by delivering a sealed, protected surface, that can also be dyed in almost any color specific to the consumer wishes. The ability to create a sealed, protected and durable surface and the eco-friendly solvent were key for the process to meet the environmental needs, but equally important the sustainable approach which economically helps to bring this application to life.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the impact of Additive Manufacturing to mass customization and global sustainability
  • Learn why industrial post-processing technologies open up new fields of applications in the various industries