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Mass Customization: The Invisible Layer to Come

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Mass customization has been touted as one of the most transformative goals that additive manufacturing would push us closer to achieving, but where are all the custom products? This is where the Invisible Layer will emerge.

While the vision for mass customization has been around for decades, the truth is that the technology stack required to implement that vision just didn't exist yet. The digitalization of each step of the value- chain - customer data acquisition, design, manufacturing, shipping - continues to accelerate and will play a key role in realizing this vision. However, the Invisible Layer is the missing piece that integrates the customer data acquisition step to all the subsequent steps in the value-chain.

This layer will have a cascading effect on the quality, efficacy, accessibility, and speed of mass customized products. It will also enable a flood of new entrants with the downstream manufacturing capability to begin producing custom products at scale.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand why widespread mass customization has not yet been
  • Appreciate the technology enablers at each step of the value-
  • Contextualize current advancements for their growth and/or AM adoption.