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Metal Powder Recycling

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Technology advancements are revolutionizing traditional manufacturing, which generates more metal powder wastes, and safe and clear handling of metal waste powder is possible. There is a lot of misinformation about the ability to recycle metal powders: 1) A good amount of metal powders produced must be landfilled; 2) All metal powders are hazardous; 3) There is no value in recycling metal powders with small volumes of material. Just because metal powders are considered hazardous does not mean they are not recyclable. What makes certain metal powders harmful is particle size and not the metal itself. When it comes to recycling metal powders, both leading companies and third-party regulators validate safe handling on a daily basis. Many people are not aware that metals can be repeatedly recycled without degradation of their properties compared to other recycled materials, and recycling metals can significantly save energy and resources and reduce pollution. The recycling of metal scrap and powders from additive manufacturing typically consists of sieved metal powders, metal supports, and end-of-production runs. There are enormous volumes of material that should be put back into the circular economy.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the urgency and benefits of recycling metal wastes, including metal powders
  • Follow proper procedures to recycle metal wastes and recover the most value out of your materials