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Micro 3D Printing for Disposable Medical Devices

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RNDR Medical is a team of medical device engineers and designers focused on the advancement of medical technologies. RNDR Medical will be launching a novel single-use scope for endourology that is utilized for direct visualization and navigation to enable diagnosis and treatment of disorders in the urinary tract. A key component of this device is the distal tip, which houses the camera chip and illumination source as well as directing fluid paths for irrigation. These components are housed within the distal tip with a high degree of precision while being sealed to prevent fluid ingress into the device, all within a .130" diameter profile.

Co-owner Anthony Appling and Design Engineering Lead Keith Wells were looking for an alternative to the expense and long wait times of micromolding when they came across Boston Micro Fabrication's Projection Micro Stereolithography (PµSL) micro 3D printing technology. Capable of achieving resolution of 2µm~25µm and tolerance of +/- 10µm~25µm, BMF's micro-precision 3D printers seemed to be a potential solution. 

BMF 3D printers allowed for quick iterative development of the distal tip at scale. This greatly expedited the development schedule as compared to the expense of micromachining followed by the investment and long lead time of micromolding. BMF cut development time in half by enabling their engineers to evaluate and iterate designs in weeks versus months. The 3D printed distal tips withstood pre-clinical evaluation in a simulated use environment. The company envisions using micro 3D printing as a bridge technology for initial commercialization and large-scale production. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Apply this concept to replace other more costly and lengthy manufacturing techniques.
  • Understand micro 3D printing applications and how they could benefit their business.
  • Learn more about the trend of miniaturization and how it applies to a variety of industries.
  • John Kawola
    Principal, Co-owner
    Boston Micro Fabrication (BMF)