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Not Just Prototypes: 10 Applications for 3D Printing in Medical Device Development

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While healthcare is a perennial favorite of high-profile 3D printing applications, the focus of these has remained in-product parts. Whether prototypes or final devices, patient specific or otherwise, what is printed is some form of what ends up being put in a box and sold. Having worked on over 50 different medical products in the last 20 years, Dr. Stephenson has spent her career designing those parts. More importantly, she also designed the parts for the myriad jigs, fixtures, models, tools, apparatus, training dummies and other physical paraphernalia that support the innovation process. It is these latter applications that are untapped opportunities for many niche 3D printing technologies. This talk will cover 10 applications for 3D printing that support medical product development from sketch to clinical trials, and from production scale up to post-market improvements. These case studies will include key material, performance and process requirements to allow attendees to find new opportunities for their products and services within the life sciences. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Ability to list 10 types of unique fabricated paraphernalia that are used in the development of products for the life sciences.
  • Ability to identify material, process and performance requirements for making those objects.
  • Ability to describe how the use of additive manufacturing technologies can greatly reduce the time and cost of producing these objects.