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Patents in AM: Soul-Crushing or Empowering Innovation?

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Patents are a key part of the AM landscape and, like them or hate them, patents are with us to stay. The U.S. Patent Office records show over 8,000 AM-related patent applications published in 2021, a massive increase from just a few years ago. We will investigate who is filing all these patents in the AM space and what trends have emerged over the past decade in AM patent growth across various AM technologies. We will also discuss who is filing AM patent infringement actions in federal courts, challenging AM patents at the Patent Office, and the twists that can accompany those actions. We will discuss successful strategies used by litigants, defensively and offensively in AM suits. Arm yourself with the smart tactics needed to optimize the patent system to work for you, not against you, including discussion of strategies for developing a patent portfolio that drives investment growth. Presented without the legalese by an engineer and patent attorney with over 10 years’ experience. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe what rights a U.S. patent provides in AM and what it does not.
  • Identify the key company filers of U.S. patents in the AM space.
  • Describe key actions that should be taken when receiving a patent infringement assertion, or when believing that a competitor infringes.