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Point of Care Manufacturing: The Veterans Health Administration Experience

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The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) is actively embracing 3D printing to provide patient-centered health care solutions for Veterans. Over 25 hospitals within the network have 3D printing capabilities, and efforts are ongoing to link hospitals and 3D printing services to encompass the enterprise of 170 hospitals. The network provides a unique opportunity to observe what point of care manufacturing looks like in hospitals of different medical complexity levels and in different geographic regions. In the presentation, we will share experiences with several different categories of point of care manufacturing, including minimal risk, manufacturer-provided turnkey solutions, and the hospital as a manufacturer scenario.  We will discuss how we are defining minimal risk, our strategies for a quality management system and the role that the VHA 3D printing advisory committee plays in ensuring the highest level of standards for point of care 3D printing. We will also present case studies that highlight tough questions about where the practice of medicine ends, and manufacturing begins.

Learning Objectives:

  • List some of the challenges of establishing a 3D printing lab in a hospital environment
  • Describe some of the key lessons learned when trying to set up a 3D printing quality system in a hospital
  • Describe some of the challenges of marrying medicine and manufacturing best practices together in a hospital