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Polymer Chemistry Explains the Unique Microscopic Structure and Strong Mechanical Properties of PA11

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PA11 is a long-chain polyamide that comes from the transformation of castor oil. Surprisingly, PA11 shows outstanding properties when compared to other long-chain polyamides in many manufacturing methods, but especially in 3D-Printing. In this talk, the microscopic self-assembly of PA11 polymer chains and its consequences to the macroscopic mechanical behavior will be presented.

Data from X-Ray diffraction will be shared to help the audience fully understand the microscopic behavior of these polymers during the printing process.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the basics of long chain polymer chemistry and how the chains align to solidify into printed parts
  • Describe the unique mechanical property difference between similar polymers PA11 and PA12
  • Understand how the printing process affects the polymer chains and crystalline structures