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Product Counsel: Integrating Patent Law in AM Product Design and Development

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IP should be considered throughout effective AM product design. What does the patent landscape look like in this area? Is it a subject matter that is patent eligible? What IP does the company already have in this space? AM companies want to build value through effective R&D, and part of that is protecting investments through patents. Too often legal counsel is brought in after the fact when the company is already in hot water. A solid basis in IP fundamentals, and effective IP product counsel can help steer design to the right places, and avoid litigation costs down the road.

This presentation will discuss how IP can shape effective AM product development by demonstrating the mechanics of a patent, the basics of a “freedom to operate analysis”, and how the federal courts have addressed some infringement actions in the AM industry.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand what is and is not patentable in the context of AM design
  • Describe the basic parameters of a freedom to operate analysis, to determine white space in the AM patent space.
  • Explain how and when to consider IP in the lifecycle of AM R&D.