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Removing 3D Metal Parts From Build Platforms — Challenges and Solutions

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This presentation will cover the current challenges and solutions facing metal additive users when it comes to the post process of removing the parts from build platforms. This is often overlooked and can be very costly and time-consuming. We will explore the most common current methods and their pros and cons. These current methods include bandsaws, cutoff wheels and brass wire EDMs. How parts are built and what materials they are built from will also be looked at and examined on how it can effect the part removal process. This presentation will also look in depth at the new reciprocating moly wire EDM technology that is quickly emerging as the best technology for this task. This technology is unique in that it offers both vertical and horizontal cutting machines from different manufacturers. Both types of machines carry different pros and cons that need to be examined to best fit your manufacturing work flow. The advantages of this new reciprocating EDM technology can be dramatic. In many cases, the time and cost reductions are 80-90% lower when compared to brass EDM, which is normally the most common cutoff method for users. Multiple case studies will be presented showing the cost and time benefit this technology can have for end users. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify any potential challenge for 3D metal part cut offs from build platforms.
  • Identify cutoff challenges specific to each part and apply the most cost-effective strategy to remove the part from the platform.
  • Solve future post process bottlenecks using new emerging technology in this field.
  • Clay Olson
    Application Engineer & Regional Sales
    EDM Performance Accessories