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Rugged 3D Printing in Austere Environments

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Precision printing is challenging; precision printing in space or the desert brings new challenges.  This presentation will focus on austere bio printing in space and in the desert.  The challenges will be summarized and the process to achieve space and desert printing will be shared.  Future work for this will be to demonstrate printing a wide range of materials for multi-functional devices.  Examples of printed circuit structures will be presented and how they can benefit next generation microelectronic packaging and a path to show how this can be done in forward or deployed environments for military applications. Demonstrations of file transfer and prints from half-way around the world as well as to the space station for successful prints will be covered. Success in the forward austere environments will open opportunities to print in a variety of environments and establish the foundation that one day the forward austere environment could be in any small lab or even a garage.  Next steps are placing the ruggedized austere printer in a CONEX box for a complete factory in a box.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand what is required for multi-material printing in challenging environments
  • Understand the potential of printed circuit structures
  • Understand why distributed manufacturing will be the future of manufacturing