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Selection of Engineering Materials for AM Metal Parts for Aerospace

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Mechanical testing plays an important role in understanding the complex relationships between basic process parameters, defects, and the final product of the AM process. This presentation will review the various mechanical testing performed in the area of additive manufacturing and available published data on the mechanical properties of additively manufactured components. In order to provide the required reliability in major applications, namely in aerospace, that can have serious implications due to failure, it is crucial to analyze these 3D printed components for their mechanical performance, beginning with sourcing material.

The selection of engineering materials for particular applications is how those materials behave when subjected to forces, since parts made from those materials will typically be subjected to forces while in service. This is particularly true for parts and structures used in the aerospace industry for flight applications. Determining the properties of the powder used for metal-based additive manufacturing is a necessary condition for the industry to be able to confidently select powder and produce consistent parts with known and predictable properties.

This presentation assesses current state-of-the-art testing methods for determining properties of materials. Additionally, we will share the scope of relevant material standards for additive manufacturing and to produce additive manufacturing parts with consistent properties.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the fundamental processing-structure-property relationships possible with this new emerging technology through mechanical testing and evaluation.
  • Learn industry standards and methods for the testing of the mechanical properties of metal parts made via additive manufacturing and assess the practical applicability of the existing test
  • Determine needs for their organization required for either research & development, production fabrication, or adopting new technologies for additive manufacturing.
  • Humna Khan
    CEO + Founder
    ASTRO Mechanical Testing Laboratory
  • Andre Deleon
    Lab Operations Manager
    ASTRO Mechanical Testing Laboratory