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The Impact of Additive Manufacturing of Large Structures on Architecture and Construction

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We have all heard some news about 3D-printed buildings, but do we know how significant the impact of additive manufacturing is on design and architecture? We found that AM has a broad effect on designing, building, and occupying spaces. Furniture, bridges, houses, architectural features,and building facades are all applications for additive manufacturing. Concrete printing has the most press, but other materials, including plastics, composites, metals and ceramics have exciting applications. Many advances are happening in Europe and China. 

Beneath the hype, there are also some crucial challenges. Like all technology, experience leads to expertise. Some great work in the last year focuses on minimizing the roadblocks to the adoption of additive manufacturing. 

We found dozens of applications across the globe. Some are groundbreaking, and some not so much. Attendees will gain a critical view of the impact of additive technology on architectural applications. The presentation is an overview that novices and seasoned professionals can appreciate. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the wide variety of applications of additive manufacturing in architecture and construction.
  • Discuss what architectural applications are experimental and which ones are in production.
  • Evaluate if familiar systems and processes can be applied to architectural applications.