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The Untold Value of a Professional Sabbatical

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Sabbaticals are more common in academia and religious vocations, but not so much in other industries….we don’t really hear much about them in Additive Manufacturing. Sabbaticals are often perceived with skepticism and fear. Many professionals are afraid to even explore the option, assuming that they’re placing job security and advancement in jeopardy.

The purpose of a sabbatical is to give an employee a chance to step back from their role at work and focus on personal enrichment and professional development. For some of us, a sabbatical comes after many years with the same company; for others, it comes at a time when we are between careers or considering a big life change.

Both Janet Kar and Joyce Yeung have both taken sabbaticals, both of different styles, intentions and outcomes. In our session, we will cover:

  • Sabbatical vs. vacation; the value of normalizing career breaks
  • How to weigh the benefits and risks of a sabbatical (to both the employee and employer)
  • How to structure your sabbatical, including planning, executing, and reintegrating into a new team
  • How to make sure a sabbatical isn’t wasted and maximizing your time off

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the value of a professional sabbatical - both from an employee and employer perspective
  • How to prepare for taking a sabbatical
  • How to make sure your sabbatical is as productive and beneficial as possible