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Vat-Photopolymerization With Customizable Bioresorbable Resins for Medical Applications

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We have developed a portfolio of biodegradable and solvent-free polyester-based resins of various composition, structure and functionality for vat-photopolymerization thereby providing a range of viscometric, polymerization, tensile and degradation behavior. Additives such as bioderived dye, biodegradable filler and diluent allow for further modification of material properties. We have ranged resin additives and manufacturing parameters (e.g., temperature and exposure time) in combination with our Photoset® resins to print test articles using a commercially available vat-photopolymerization printer. Parts created using our resins have shown in vitro degradation and cytocompatibility. Preliminary in vivo results from an animal model have also demonstrated a biocompatible tissue response to parts printed with Photoset resins. Future work will continue to explore material modification to influence cell and tissue behavior as well as the degradation profile and degradation byproducts of resin formulations. Photoset resins provide customizable characteristics, effectively expanding the catalog of implantable materials for additive manufacturing in healthcare. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Evaluate absorbable materials as an option for their application and materials library
  • Recognize the effects of resin components and printing parameters on absorbable parts