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Walking the Walk: Going All-In on Metal Additive Adoption

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Entering into new territory, even when the benefits seem clear, requires courage. For many, the value proposition of adopting additive manufacturing (AM) is attractive, yet the risks of walking into the unknown can keep the less intrepid from moving forward. 

This presentation is a candid behind-the-scenes look at one company’s metal AM adoption journey to realize its products. What began as an initial foray into one type of metal AM quickly ran into complications. A possible resolution involved exploring two additional types of metal AM, but required a leap of faith. 

The audience will learn about the circumstances that triggered simultaneous consideration of adoption cases using multiple types of metal additive and vivid learning lessons of highs and lows along the path. The degree to which each desired benefit was fulfilled and some unexpected bends in the road will also be reviewed. Insights into the ideal use of different types of AM will be shared including metal powder bed fusion, binder jetting and more.

Whether you are contemplating your first steps into metal AM or you are considering adding another type of metal AM, this story aims to minimize the stretching required to go from talking the talk to walking the walk in your AM adoption. 

Learning Objectives:

  • See the compelling benefits of designing a part for AM by leveraging many techniques that AM is good at including: light weighting, conformal cooling channels, part consolidation, etc.
  • Understand through entertaining and vivid examples the significance of how involved post-processing of metal parts can be and how crucial it is to a successful application.
  • Gain better preparation and motivation to adopt metal AM in multiple forms (PBF, BJ, DED) for sensible value-add applications!