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Why Settle for Wrought? How Optimized AM Material Properties Are Enabling Hypersonic and Space Flight

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Often the conversation around additive manufacturing applications is do your material properties meet those of wrought or cast components. Laser Powder Bed Fusion presents an opportunity in some classes of materials to no longer settle for legacy material properties. In this talk we will discuss how additively manufactured Niobium and Nickel based alloys can far exceed their traditional counterparts in strength, creep, thermal stability, and oxidation resistance. By understanding the metallurgical characteristics of these alloy systems, users will be able to make better material choices for their own uses. The speakers will share how this is accelerating development of more advanced air breathing hypersonic and space propulsion applications through a combination of optimized material properties and refined parameters to accurately print challenging thin wall features.

Learning Objectives:

  • The user will understand metallurgical characteristics that can drive increased strength, creep resistance, and oxidation resistance.
  • The user will learn about Haynes 230 alloy as a better alternative and more affordable alternative to more common nickel based super alloys.
  • An approach to challenge the status quo of available materials and be educated on features to look for in other candidate alloy systems.