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Blair Kauzlarich

Blair Kauzlarich

Administrator, 3D Printing and Training Center
Clarkson College

Blair began her career as a radiographer at Children’s Hospital and Medical Center in Omaha. She then became ARRT board certified in Cardiac Intervention and began a journey in the Cardiac Catheterization Lab at Children’s Hospital. During her 5 years in the cardiac catheterization lab, she found her love for 3D printing and 3D segmentation reconstructions. In 2020, she became an Advanced Imaging Specialist in the department within radiology called, Advanced 3D Visualization Lab.

She supported the hospital in all advanced imaging needs. She would post-process CT and MRI exams that warrant 3D images as well as post-process cardiac MRI for the cardiologists. 3D printing was housed in the lab and was utilized for patient specific cases as well as research.

In her current role, she helped implement the 3D Certificate curriculum and teaches the 3D certification course. After being hired in late April 2022, she and her team had the 3D Printing and Training Center up and running for business by July 2022. She oversees the lab, which consists of a team that helps segment and design 3D prints and participates in research with collaborators. The lab currently offers 3D visualization and workshops to anyone within the medical field.


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