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Brian J. Hawkins, PhD

Brian J. Hawkins, PhD

Chief Technology Officer
Pluristyx Inc.

Brian Hawkins, PhD, is the chief technology officer at Pluristyx Inc., an advanced therapy tools company providing seamless client support to cell therapy groups through CMC consulting, contract development services and research and clinical-grade Ready-To-Differentiate (RTD™) Pluripotent Stem and Ready-to-Use (RTU™) Differentiated Cells. Hawkins received his doctorate in molecular cell biology and biotechnology from Virginia Tech and completed his postdoctoral training at the University of Pennsylvania, after which he moved to the University of Washington School of Medicine to serve as an assistant professor and founding member of the Mitochondria and Metabolism Center. Hawkins transitioned to industry and served as the scientific applications director at BioLife Solutions, where he aided numerous commercial groups in optimizing cryopreservation protocols for their cell therapy products. Hawkins joined Pluristyx in 2019 and continues to provide cryopreservation expertise through both consulting and wet-bench contract development services. He is an internationally recognized cryopreservation expert and has delivered over 20 cryopreservation and/or cell therapy manufacturing-related invited presentations. Hawkins is an active member of the International Society for Cell and Gene Therapy and the Parenteral Drug Association, where he serves as the president of the Pacific Northwest Chapter, team leader for the PDA Cryopreservation Standards Initiative and as members of the Biopharmaceutical and Advanced Therapy Medicinal Product Advisory Boards.



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