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Event Speakers
Callie Zawaski

Callie Zawaski, PhD

Graduate Research Assistant
Virginia Tech

Callie Zawaski is a Virginia Tech DREAMS Lab PhD graduate who studied fused filament fabrication (FFF). Her doctoral research was focused on enabling new materials for fused filament fabrication additive manufacturing by modifying both the material and machine for printing.  She has done work with 3D printing low-temperature (70C) semi-crystalline ionic polymers with materials modification and filler incorporation. She has also done work with high-temperature systems developing a high-temperature FFF machine that is currently patent pending and studying the effects of the processing temperature on polymers. Callie describes herself as " a scientist and a maker". Most of her PhD was funded as a graduate teaching assistant in a makerspace for the Center for Engineering Enhancement of Diversity, where she enjoyed teaching and learning tools while pursuing her research goals.



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