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David Dean, PhD

David Dean, PhD

Associate Professor
The Ohio State University
David Dean’s research focuses on improving the outcome of musculoskeletal reconstructive surgery. His PhD thesis presented a novel, template-based method for the production of average 3D surface images of organs such as the skull. His postdoctoral research at the Institute of Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery (New York University, New York, NY) used those average skull images for surgical simulation and intra-operative guidance. At Western Reserve University (Cleveland, OH), in 1994, Dr. Dean used average skull images to design cranial implants in the Department of Neurological Surgery. Since then, Dr. Dean’s research has expanded to include regenerative medicine, including biomaterials, bone progenitor cells, and cell-signaling molecules in the search for a bone tissue engineering strategy. In 2013 Dr. Dean moved to the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at The Ohio State University (OSU) (Columbus, OH), receiving an additional faculty appointment in Materials Science and Engineering in 2019. At OSU Dr. Dean leads the Osteo Engineering Lab ( where novel bone tissue engineering research uses 3D printed, resorbable, solid-cured polymers as well as bioprinted, cell-laden, hydrogels. His lab’s research also includes the 3D printing of two biometals, NiTi and a resorbable, patent-pending Mg alloy to develop stiffness-matched, skeletal fixation devices.


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