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Eric Eisenbraun PhD

Eric Eisenbraun, PhD


Professor Eisenbraun's research groups focus in several primary areas. The first is researching new materials and processes for use in CMOS transistor gate stacks. This involves developing high-performance high-k dielectric materials as well as metallic gate electrode materials.

The second area is advanced interconnects. This includes developing refractory metal-based barrier/adhesion layers such as TiSiN and HfN for copper metallization, and researching how these layers can be integrated with cutting-edge porous low-k dielectric interlayer dielectric materials. 

The third area involves the development processes for the growth of refractory metal-based materials such as TaN and SiCN for use as corrosion resistant and wear-resistant coatings. These have a broad range of particular applications. 

The fourth area is researching very novel materials for very advanced interconnect and device applications. This includes working jointly with other researchers to develop bioengineered protein-based molecular systems for use as nanoscale interconnect and device applications.


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