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George Kyriakou, PhD

George Kyriakou, PhD

BotFactory, Inc.
George Kyriakou completed his undergrad studies in Volos-Greece and got his PhD from NYU, during which he collaborated with DARPA, U.S. Army CERDEC, and AT&T Labs. George is a co-founder of BotFactory, a company that creates electronic circuit printers and assemblers, bringing additive manufacturing to electronics. During his time as Chief Operating Officer at BotFactory he has been instrumental in bringing a product from idea to production and into the customers' hands. He has co- authored multiple key patents and has been instrumental in establishing collaborations with private, governmental, and institutional entities. George is currently spearheading BotFactory's effort in space, ensuring that the technology can operate in a microgravity environment offering next-level logistics improvements, examining materials that can withstand the hostile conditions of space, researching in- space manufacturing applications that cannot be achieved on Earth, and experimenting with in-situ resource utilization for the upcoming lunar base and beyond.


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