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Hitoshi Soyama

Hitoshi Soyama, PhD

Tohoku University

Dr. Hitoshi Soyama completed his PhD from Tohoku University, Japan. He has worked at Tohoku University since 1991 and was promoted to professor in 2003. Dr. Soyama was named a Fellow of American Society of Mechanical Engineers ASME and an honorary member of Water Jet Technology Society of Japan. He is known for his work in the fields of cavitation and its practical applications such as water treatment and mechanical surface treatment, i.e., cavitation peening. Although cavitation impacts cause severe damage in hydraulic machineries, his research utilized cavitation impacts for enhancement of fatigue properties of metallic materials. He proofed the improvement of fatigue strength pf additive manufactured metallic materials by cavitation peening. He established evaluation methods using inverse analysis to investigate mechanical properties of surface modified layer. Now, he has applied the evaluation methods to mechanical properties of products of additive manufacturing. He proposed additive manufacturing of laser melting using oxide iron on Mars and/or the Moon. It was revealed that oxygen was obtained during the process. Regarding this subject, Dr. Soyama was invited to the Cross-Industry Innovation Summit in 2016 and 2019 at the NASA Space Center in Houston, TX.



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