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Mark Mirotznik

Mark Mirotznik, PhD

University of Delaware

Prof. Mark Mirotznik’s research is focused on the development of new theoretical, computational and experimental techniques applied to a diverse array of applications in electromagnetics and optics. His current research focuses in multiple application areas: (1) additive manufacturing for multifunctional high-frequency applications, (2) engineered electromagnetic materials and (3) computational imaging. Prof. Mirotznik’s group is working on altering the electromagnetic properties of materials by changing their geometry instead of altering their chemistry. This interest is driven by several new military concepts which hope to embed all the radar, communication and other electronic subsystems within the composite skin of military vehicles. To this end, his group works on creating new engineered materials by machining well-defined subwavelength microstructures onto the surface of currently available materials (e.g. fiberglass-based composites) that already possess attractive structural and/or thermal properties.

The Office of Naval Research and the Army Research Laboratory have funded this work over the past eight years. Through their sponsorship Prof. Mirotznik’s group has created a “one-stop shop” for rapid prototyping of advanced electromagnetic materials.


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