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Event Speakers

Massimiliano Moruzzi

Massimiliano (Max) has an extensive 15+ year career as Lead Scientist and Business Innovator in the fields of Smart Materials and Disruptive Manufacturing Process Automation, with a deep experience in the Business-Technology interface and capacity to identify/align emerging technology needs with products and services. He worked for Autodesk, as Senior Scientist, through a company acquisition where he was the lead scientist and Director of Business Development with responsibilities of identifying, developing and structuring strategic executive partnerships/proposals, revolutionizing business models of major OEMs in Aerospace (Boeing, Airbus, Lockheed Martin…) and Automotive (FCA, GM, FORD, Lamborghini, Ferrari…). Max is currently a major co-founder of "" where he leads development of cutting-edge technologies such as cognitive robotics, smart materials and AI driven additive manufacturing.


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