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Event Speakers

Mike Vasquez, PhD

CEO & Founder
3Degrees LLC

Dr. Mike Vasquez is a 3D printing expert specializing in pushing the boundaries of advanced 3D printing technology. He is the Founder and CEO of 3Degrees, a Chicago-based consulting company focused on helping organizations maximize their investment in the technology. Over the past decade, he has worked side-by-side with some of the top machine manufacturers, material producers and end users in the industry, consulting with them to identify novel applications, test new materials and develop frameworks to maximize R&D efficiency and boost ROI. In the past 18 months, Mike has worked with a dozen companies to help them set up successful and safe facilities. He has also created a software tool called TRACE. It aims to assist companies formalizing their use of 3D printing to ensure they can meet quality and technical standards outlined by their supply chain and industry requirements. Mike completed his PhD in Additive Manufacturing at Loughborough University and received both his bachelor’s and master’s from MIT in Materials Science and Engineering.



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