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Nathaniel R. Quick

Nathaniel R. Quick, PhD


Nathaniel R. Quick, PhD is a past president, past secretary, past board member and fellow of LIA. He was confirmed as the Executive Director of the Laser Institute of America October 22, 2017.  He is the president and CTO of AppliCote Associates, LLC, Lake Mary, FL., specializing in advanced materials transformation using high pressure laser implantation.    Focus is on licensing these technologies.  He currently holds 62 U.S. patents and has over 60 publications. Dr. Quick has a PhD from Cornell University in Materials Science and Engineering.   He has served as Vice President Research and Development Fluid Dynamics Division, Pall/Memtec Corp; Technology Program Manager, Economic Conversion Kaiser Hill, LLC/ EG&G Rocky Flats; President of Applications Technology of Indiana Inc., Supervisor Technology Applications/Keypads and Interconnect Technology/Resident Metallurgist; Vice President, Quality Control and Laboratory Operations Washburn Wire Products; and Materials Scientist, Eastman Kodak Research Division.  Recognition includes Minority Engineers Outstanding Contributions Award, Cornell University, Outstanding Achievement Business/Professions Center for Leadership and Development, Indianapolis Indiana and EG&G Award of Excellence Rocky Flats (twice). He is a fellow of the African Scientific Institute, a past guest researcher at NIST and a past member of the Army Science Board.  He is Chairman of the UCF Materials Science and Engineering Industrial Advisory Board and graduate faculty scholar. He is currently a member of ASM International and the Materials Research Society.


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