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Event Speakers
Rami Shorti

Rami Shorti, PhD, MBA

Advanced Visualization Program Principal, Biomechanical R&D Scientist
Intermountain Healthcare

Dr. Rami Shorti’s multi-disciplinary experience spans healthcare innovation, biomedical engineering, anatomic modeling and clinical research. He received his BSc in Mechanical Engineering (ME) from Brigham Young University and both his MSc in Mechanical Engineering and his MBA from the University of Utah. Rami also holds a doctorate from the University of Utah, with emphasis in biomechanics and was presented, among many awards and recognitions, with “The Outstanding Dissertation of the Year” award in recognition for the devotion to advancing research, intellectual merit and benefiting the broader impacts to society. Throughout his career, Rami contributed to many successful grant awards, patented medical device inventions, and R&D initiatives with an emphasis on research to practice. Rami is the ead R&D scientist and emerging technology consultant at Intermountain Healthcare Transformation Lab. Currently, he is leading the 3D advanced imaging initiative to bring novel tools to clinicians and stakeholders across Intermountain to explore uses of 3D printing and augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR).


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