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Richard Merlino

Richard Merlino

Sr Director Additive Manufacturing
ATI Metals
Rich Merlino came to ATI through the Addaero acquisition, and as the senior director of additive manufacturing, is responsible for the integration and management of the additive business unit within ATI. Previously, Merlino was the president and founder of Addaero Manufacturing, originally developing the concept in 2012 and incorporated in 2013. In the development phase of the company, he was responsible for assembling the team, identifying financing and operations setup. In the operational phase of Addaero, Merlino was responsible for sales, finance and investors relations. During his time at Addaero, he developed the company from the idea stage to an early-stage company. Working with customers like Boeing, UTC and Northrop Grumman, Addaero quickly established itself as a leader in metal additive manufacturing for aerospace and was one of the first in the U.S. to produce metal, 3D-printed components for flight critical applications. Previously, Merlino was employed by UTC/Pratt & Whitney where in his last role he was the general manager of sales for global repairs. During this time, Merlino led a team of sales professionals in support of the part repair division of Pratt & Whitney. Prior to this role, he worked in a sales role within PW on wing maintenance, and early on in his career, Merlino was in various continuous improvement and manufacturing roles within the company. He holds a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from UMass Amherst (1999), master's degree in supply management from Indiana University (2005) and a master's degree in finance from Indiana University (2010).



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