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Slade Gardner

Slade Gardner, PhD

Big Metal Additive

Dr. Slade Gardner is President and founder of Big Metal Additive, a company focused on industrial hybrid metal additive manufacturing featuring manufacturing grade software for engineering workflow and finish machining to produce large, ready to use parts. Big Metal Additive uses multi-axis additive and multi-axis machining to produce metal parts on a 6 ft x 12 ft table. Recent products include a wind tunnel model, satellite components, construction machinery repair parts, spacecraft development articles, automotive chassis, a 21” diameter unmanned underwater vehicle and a 50 ft ocean capable cargo transport. The adoption of large metal additive manufacturing by the space industry was first accomplished by Dr. Gardner’s industry-leading work with titanium satellite propellant tanks. Previously, Slade pioneered and transitioned to production large scale additive manufacturing as distinguished Fellow at Lockheed Martin Space Systems and Fellow at Lockheed Martin Aeronautics. He served three years (two as Chair) of the external review board at Sandia National Labs for the Born Qualified program to accelerate qualification of additive manufactured components. Dr. Gardner has advised corporations, institutes, national laboratories and the U.S. government on strategy and development priorities for adoption and industrial application of advanced manufacturing. His PhD is from Virginia Tech and his BS in chemical engineering is from Lafayette College. He is an SME member, a member of the board for Colorado Advanced Manufacturing Association and a frequent public presenter advocating the importance of advanced manufacturing. Personal interests include traveling and dining with his wife, all seasons of mountain sports and he is an avid motorcycle enthusiast.



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