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Spencer Loveless

Spencer Loveless

CEO/Owner of Dustless Technologies and founder/ CEO of Merit3D
Spencer Loveless is the 2nd generation CEO/Owner of Dustless Technologies and founder/ CEO of Merit3D. He is an entrepreneur at heart and loves growing businesses in rural Utah. Loveless joined the company full time after he graduated from Utah Valley State University. Spencer graduated from UVU with a degree in Technology Management and Aviation. He received his commercial pilots license and loved flying. His father was returning home one day home from a trade show in their Cessna 182 and passed away in a tragic accident. Spencer says he will pick up flying again when the time is right. Loveless lives in Price, UT with his wife and 5 energetic boys. They love traveling around enjoying the beautiful state of Utah. Weekends are usually made up of riding mountain bikes, motorcycles, boating, hiking, traveling or working in the yard. Quick weekend camping trips are what the family LOVES to do. Dustless Technologies is located in Price, UT and a manufacturer of industrial vacuums and dust collection attachments. They manufacturer and sell to many big box stores throughout the world. Merit3D is an additive manufacturing (3D printing) service provider aiming to make people LOVE manufacturing. They are helping manufacturers in 3 areas 1. Bypass overseas suppliers. 2. Skip injection molding. 3 make products in the USA at lighting speeds. Merit3D is challenging the current status quo for how traditional manufacturing is done. Both companies are focused on creating jobs in rural Utah and bringing manufacturing back to America.


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