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PIM International, published quarterly in print and digital format, is the only business-to-business magazine dedicated to reporting on the technical advances in MIM, CIM and sinter-based AM technologies such as Binder Jetting, Material Extrusion (MEX, FFF etc), Vat Photopolymerisation (VPP) and Fused Filament Fabrication. Our exclusive deep-dive articles, company profiles, conference reports and e-newsletters are of great value to those interested in this advanced manufacturing technology for the production of complex, high volume net-shape components.

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December 2022

Global MIM market review, Binder Jetting at HP, Sintex’s exploration of metal powder-based processes for corrosion-resistant applications and more, only in the December 2022 of PIM International magazine.

September 2022

Discover award-winning MIM parts, Binder Jetting’s sintering behaviour, rise of filament-based metal AM and more in the September 2022 issue of PIM International magazine.

Spring 2023

Visottica Group: enhancing the value of MIM, ceramic AM at Steinbach AG, MIM F75 for high-volume production and more, only in the Spring 2023 issue of PIM International magazine.
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PIM International is the most comprehensive online resource for the MIM, CIM and sinter-based AM industries. As well as hosting a complete free-to-access archive of all past issues of PIM International magazine, our website offers extensive and in-depth industry news coverage.
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