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Media Sponsors

We wish to thank the following associations, organizations and publications for their support as media sponsors of RAPID + TCT. Please visit their website to view FREE manufacturing resources such as white papers, magazine subscriptions, manufacturing directories, valuable technical data and industry resources.



The 1st and only CADCAMCAE information website in Spanish. With up to date news, articles, events, directories of software, hardware, resellers, service providers, and consulting services related to design, engineering and manufacturing. We are the CADCAMCAE source for the Spanish language community.

Readers Profile: Engineers, Industrial Designers, Manufacturers, Inspection, IT, CNC operators, Architects, Academia.



3D Metal Printing

3D Metal Printing Magazine connects engineers, manufacturing executives and plant-floor leaders with suppliers of 3D metal-printing equipment, for prototyping and production applications in the aerospace, automotive, medical and other industries. With a regular circulation of 15,000 plus an additional 2000 to 5000 copies being distributed at a variety of industry-specific tradeshows and conferences, 3D Metal Printing promises to be at the center of this exciting industry, keeping readers in tune with new-technology write-ups, application articles and tutorial “how-to” features.




3Dnatives is the leading source for all things 3D printing, gathering more than 650,000 visitors per month. We provide our audience with the latest news, interviews, guides and much more on the revolution that is 3D printing in 4 languages: English, French, Spanish and German. We also offer key decision-making tools such as a 3D printing equipment search engine, job board, business directory and agenda with all the upcoming events of the 3D printing industry!


3dprint.png is a news organization dedicated to bringing you up to date on all the latest news from the 3D printing industry. We source and share the latest news and additive manufacturing industry stories through investigative reporting, interviews, and on-the-ground experiences through conferences, site visits, and hands-on information. Our professional team of writers are experienced and dedicated to their work.


3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing

3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing is the only peer-reviewed journal on the rapidly moving field of 3D printing and related technologies. The Journal provides comprehensive coverage of academic research and industrial and commercial developments that have applications in medicine, education, food, and architecture. It also explores emerging challenges and opportunities ranging from new developments of processes and materials, to new simulation and design tools, and informative applications and case studies.


3D Printing Industry

3D Printing Industry is a digital and print news company serving the additive manufacturing sector. For the past 8 years, we have reported on additive manufacturing news in verticals including aerospace, automotive, healthcare and beyond. Our daily newsletter is the most widely read in the industry and keeps readers up-to-date with the latest in hardware, software, and material developments. We also host the 3D Printing Industry Awards, an annual event celebrating the best in additive manufacturing. Based in central London, our journalists are supported by engineers who provide invaluable technical insight that makes us “The Authority on Additive Manufacturing”.


Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing is the magazine devoted to industrial applications of 3D printing technology. We are exploring the ways manufacturers are using this technology to make tooling, molds, functional prototypes and end-use production parts.

Our coverage is aimed at manufacturing leaders. Some are succeeding with AM today. Others expect AM to be among the ways they make parts in the future. For decision-makers in both groups, we report on the promise of additive, its current applications, advances in technology, the challenges of employing AM effectively, and the relationship of additive manufacturing to other manufacturing operations.


The Additive Report

The Additive Report is a multichannel source for manufacturers seeking the latest technology and industry news about additive manufacturing (AM). Through its online and print channels, The Additive Report supplies vital information about the AM process, including 3D printers, materials, software, and automation systems, along with expert advice about improving AM operations and adopting additive technologies. AM users, who represent the cutting edge of manufacturing technology, 3D-print everything from metal gears 4 millimeters in diameter to plastic bus interiors.


Aerospace & Defense Technology

For the past 12 years, Aerospace & Defense Technology has been the mil/aero industry’s most trusted source for cutting-edge design and engineering information. Whether it’s in-depth feature articles on the hottest technology topics, application briefs that illustrate innovative uses of products and systems, tech briefs that describe how specific technologies are developed, or new product information that highlights the latest releases to the market, Aerospace & Defense Technology has the resources engineers need to do their jobs better.


Aerospace Manufacturing and Design

Aerospace Manufacturing and Design is a vertical publication aimed at providing aerospace professionals with pertinent information regarding designing, manufacturing and testing in this lucrative sector. As the only publication to provide exclusive, comprehensive coverage in this market, Aerospace Manufacturing and Design serves manufacturers and engineers by delivering information specific to their specialized tasks.



AMazing’s website is dedicated solely to additive manufacturing technologies, including subset technologies like 3D Printing. is a dominant platform; working across all languages and borders. We provide news, education and inspiration to an audience of youth, students, entrepreneurs and professionals, worldwide.



Design-2-Part magazine (D2P), a division of The Job Shop Company, is a read by engineers and buyers at North American OEMs and product manufacturing companies. D2P’s editorial content focuses on discrete parts manufacturers (primarily metals, plastics, ceramics, and rubber components), contract manufacturers, and suppliers who are effectively using advanced and cost-effective manufacturing processes to enable the creation of high-quality products. We cover software and IT relevant to design and manufacturing; advanced materials ranging from carbon fiber reinforced composites to Nano-engineered coatings; and electronic components.

Design World

Design World serves readers in the mechanical and electrical engineering design space. We provide news, product developments, application stories, technical how-to articles, and analysis of engineering trends — particularly in the semiconductor, off-highway, medical, aerospace, machine tool, and packaging industries. Our editors are extremely active on a variety of social media platforms, and they produce webcasts, videos, podcasts, and more to stay connected with the Design World audience.


Digital Engineering

Digital Engineering has a monthly magazine, five eNewsletters, social media and website We deliver need-to-know information on the combination of high-performance computing and simulation-based modeling that is driving up-front design, new rapid prototyping and testing technologies that are improving the bottom line, and the engineering services our audience needs to thrive.

For a free subscription to our publication and eNewsletters: Digital Engineering Subscriptions


Fabricating & Metalworking

Fabricating and Metalworking provides rich technical content and targeted advertising through print, online, video and other multimedia outlets. We serve a diverse audience of small-to-medium job shops, contract manufacturers, metal service centers, OEMs, and higher volume metal manufacturers who compete in markets ranging from aerospace, automotive and medical to energy, construction and mining.


Heat Treat Today

Heat Treat Today is a media brand providing technology, tips, and news to North American manufacturers with in-house heat treat, especially in the aerospace, automotive, medical, energy, and general manufacturing sectors. From quarterly print publications to Heat Treat Radio podcasts, we strive to provide the best information in the most accessible formats for our audience. Find resources like Heat Treat Consultants, upcoming heat treat events, and how to subscribe for free at


Machine Design

Machine Design drives mechanical design innovation by providing how-to content and insights on emerging applications to design engineers and managers in OEM, processing and R&D. Engaging this complex design community with solution based content and technical expertise we deliver a qualified audience for your content marketing and media strategies by leveraging our high-quality content and user behavioral insights to target and lead engineers smoothly from discovery, to consideration, to purchase.


Manufacturing Engineering

Manufacturing Engineering is a highly respected magazine serving U.S. engineers and other manufacturing professionals who use manufacturing technologies. The magazine’s history dates back to 1935, when SME first published it as Tool Engineer. In the 1960s, the magazine was called Tool and Manufacturing Engineer. In the 1970s, it became Manufacturing Engineering and Management. Since 1975, the magazine has been known as Manufacturing Engineering, or as our customers sometimes call us, M.E.


Manufacturing News

Manufacturing News is a monthly metalworking manufacturing publication that informs over 100,000 monthly readers of manufacturing solutions, new technology and the application of that technology in precision machining, production machining, fabricating of metals and composite materials. The manufacturing we write about is the machining or fabricating that results in the creation of components, i.e., the manufacturing of discrete parts.


Medical Design Briefs

Medical Design Briefs is the only publication for the medical OEM market dedicated to medical product design engineers and managers. From materials and manufacturing to implants and robotics, Medical Design Briefs takes an in-depth look at the engineering-related topics that are at the core of the latest medical technologies. The unique and comprehensive articles and information included in Medical Design Briefs each month are a must-read for design engineers seeking new ideas and developments from government, academia, and expert suppliers to the industry.


Metal AM

Metal AM is an international magazine and online resource that focuses on industrial and technical developments in metal Additive Manufacturing. Published quarterly, it is available in both print and digital formats. Featuring business news and detailed technical articles it is an essential resource for manufacturers engaged in metal AM, as well as the increasing number of companies researching the technology.



Powder Injection Moulding International

Powder Injection Moulding International is dedicated to reporting on technical and industrial advances in MIM and CIM technology. Available in both print and digital formats, it represents a dynamic advanced manufacturing technology for the production of complex, high volume net-shape components that serve almost every industry sector.



Quality serves the quality assurance and process improvement needs of more than 50,000 manufacturing professionals. We report on the use of sound metrology methods, statistical analysis and process improvement techniques to significantly improve quality on the shop floor and in manufacturing planning. Editorial coverage focuses on the practical application of and latest advancements in Metrology Methods and Equipment, Software and Analytical Tools and Quality Management and Standards. We also provide Vision & Sensors and NDT.



Today's Medical Developments

Today’s Medical Developments provides up-to-date information on the latest manufacturing processes and design innovations involved in the medical device industry. Today’s Medical Developments puts manufacturers in touch with the latest available technologies so that they can remain competitive within the industry. In addition, Today’s Medical Developments explores the industry’s unique materials, manufacturing methods and stringent standards.



Today's Motor Vehicles

Today’s Motor Vehicles is the only trade publication exclusively dedicated to motor vehicle manufacturing and design processes. We target 29,777 motor vehicle manufacturing decision makers with every issue. This combination of targeted editorial and circulation gives you direct access to the designers, engineers, and manufacturers who need your products to succeed. No other trade publication can match the power of our vertical reach in the motor vehicle manufacturing industry.