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Medical Additive Manufacturing Showcase

Medical Additive Manufacturing 

Medical/biomedical is one of the fastest growing application areas of additive manufacturing. At the event, you will find in-depth conference sessions covering design and manufacture of personalized implants, dental devices, tissues and more using a variety of additive technologies. In the show guide, look for exhibitors with the MAM logo, signifying they are involved in medical applications.

Medical Enabling and Emerging Technologies (MEET) Showcase 

RAPID + TCT 2021 will feature a showcase on the exhibit floor for innovative companies impacting medicine and patient care. The Medical Enabling and Emerging Technologies (MEET) showcase will allow you to meet other industry professionals and share your discoveries and progress. With guidance from SME’s Medical Additive Manufacturing Advisor Workgroup, the MEET showcase will feature:

  • Anatomiz3d Meditech Private Limited
  • Armor Bionics
  • Dimension Inx
  • FibreTuff
  • Nota3D
  • Pluristyx Inc
  • TheWell Bioscience

Medical Additive Manufacturing Conference Presentations

Monday, September 13 - September 15 | Medical Additive Manufacturing Classroom

Medical manufacturing is growing with several segments including orthopedic devices, instrumentation, implantable devices, patient-matched devices and point-of-care manufacturing. 

Delegates who wish to evaluate 3D printing for medical applications will hear from Amy Alexander, Mayo Clinic, on point-of-care and how 3D-printed anatomic guides are manufactured in the clinic’s Saint Mary’s Hospital, just five floors above the operating rooms. 

The topic of healthcare will appear again as Djordje Jaksic, University of Michigan, summarizes some of the unique ways the university has leveraged additive manufacturing in its medical simulation education. 

Join expert speakers from LifeNabled, Walter Reed Military Medical Center, Rady Children's Hospital-San Diego, VA Health Services, Medical Sensor Systems and more.

View Medical Additive Manufacturing Conference Presentations

Keynote Presentation

How Technology is Changing Healthcare

Wednesday, September 15 | 9:00 am – 10:00 am | Main Stage

Mark Wehde, Chair
Mayo Clinic Engineering, Mayo Clinic

Healthcare is a very human enterprise, but one that has always been driven by technology. We are well into the beginning of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This is the digital platform revolution. A significant beneficiary of this is Healthcare 4.0, which refers to the shift from traditional hospital-centric care to a more virtual, distributed care that heavily leverages the latest technologies around artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning, data analytics, genomics, home-based healthcare, robotics, and 3D printing of tissue and implants. This session will explore how these new technologies are going to change how we care for our patients.

Thought Leadership Panel 

Hospital-Based 3D Printing: Better Patient Care Through In-House Manufacturing?

Tuesday, September 14 | 1:30 pm – 2:45 pm | Main Stage

Hospital-based 3D printing is increasing the ability of clinicians to educate, plan and treat patients.  The use of 3D printing allows the creation of patient-matched models, guides, and devices to be manufactured within a hospital setting.  Join panelists from the Mayo Clinic, Rady Children's Hospital San Diego, VA Puget Sound Health Care System, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, and the University of Ottawa as they discuss the critical steps to create a 3D printing lab and the many ways it can be used.

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