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Workshops at RAPID + TCT 2024!

Workshops at RAPID + TCT bring you face-to-face with industry leaders, offering personalized guidance and hands-on experience that extend beyond the show floor and conference sessions. These opportunities not only enrich your knowledge but also position you for career growth, making them a worthwhile investment in your future. All workshops take place June 24,2024, at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

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Polymer Additive 101 - A Primer on Polymer Technologies and Materials

Join Industry Expert, SME Advisor and AMUG Dino Andrew Graves for an in-depth look at polymer AM. This workshop will take a look back at the history of polymer AM, including a detailed discussion about the technologies involved, covering both printers and materials. You will be taken through an analysis of the current state-of-the-art and the future of these technologies. There will be the chance to bend and break some parts in the hands-on element of the workshop and prizes to be won throughout the session.

Metal Additive 101 - A Primer on Metal Technologies and Materials

Take a broad look at the range of metal AM processes available today. It will include an in-depth discussion about the advantages and disadvantages of each technology enabling the attendee to start to make educated choices on which process is right for their application. The session will also look at what materials are now available for each technology and take you through an analysis of the current state-of-the-art and future of these technologies.

3D Scanning for Additive Manufacturing.

Become educated on the fundamentals of 3D scanning for inspection, part qualification, and reverse engineering. The workshop will include presentations describing the history of measurement technology and the need for 3D scanning, particularly in the context of additive manufacturing. There will be an explanation of the different technologies available and how to determine which are appropriate for the attendees’ own application. Stations set up around the room will give hands-on experience with practical examples of 3D scanning hardware and software for both reverse engineering and inspection. Experts in their respective fields will be present to answer questions.

How to Build an Additive Manufacturing Business Case

Delve into the creation of a business case for additive manufacturing! The session will focus on common adoption drivers for AM versus conventional manufacturing as well as covering technology, people, and supply chain factors to include in a business case.

Mitigating Safety Risks Helps Grow Your Additive Manufacturing Market

Demonstrating safety helps accelerate additive manufacturing adoption into the supply chain and customer facilities by satisfying requirements for OSHA, U.S. code regulations, and Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ's). Customers expect safety to be incorporated and validated and is a major risk that impacts manufacturers, suppliers, and end-application ecosystems. This workshop will provide safety considerations and validation approaches for technology, materials and 3D printing equipment that can help grow the additive manufacturing market for equipment manufacturers, material suppliers and operational users.

DFAM - Recent Advancements in Design for Additive Manufacturing

A quarter century ago, with the advancements of parametric feature-based solid modeling systems on desktops and laptops, we could generate designs that we couldn’t manufacture. In recent years, additive manufacturing's capability has continued to grow with new machines, faster processes, and a larger selection of advanced materials. Now, with the recent advancements in DfAM such as lattice generation features, real-time simulation tools, generative design, and interactive optimization, we can design complex geometries that lead to high-performance products. These advancements will produce a tsunami of change in the design process. In this workshop, these technologies will be presented and demonstrated live with practical examples.