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3D Printing Will Bolster the Supply Chain and Personalize Manufacturing

As 3D printing extends beyond prototyping into production, the technology is beginning to deliver on the manufacturing holy grail: a stable supply chain and personalized mass production. According to HP, 2023 will see commercial 3D printing drive supply chain resiliency. Part of that resilience comes from the lack of reliance on manual labor in 3DP production, which makes assembly tasks repeatable. 3DP is also delivering improved product quality and the ability to construct new, complex geometries.

Given all this, 3D printing could help industries withstand the pressure of growing global insecurities. “Manufacturers must invest in breakthrough technology to remain competitive in a dynamic, consumer-driven market,” Wayne Davey, Global Head of Go-to-Market, HP Personalization and 3D Printing, told Design News. “Prioritizing innovative technologies such as 3D printing could have a larger ripple effect on the rest of the economy. Analysts such as McKinsey believe that restoring growth and competitiveness in key manufacturing industries could positively impact the nation’s GDP by more than 15%.”

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