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RAPID + TCT 2022 Exhibitor Highlight with TRUMPF

More than 400 of the additive manufacturing (AM) industry's most influential companies will come together at Huntington Place in Detroit from May 17-19 to share the latest processes, materials and technologies in AM at RAPID + TCT 2022.

Each year, exhibiting companies push the limits of what’s possible through interactive demonstrations, large-scale models and an immersive experience you cannot find anywhere else. One such exhibitor is TRUMPF, an industrial machine manufacturing company specializing in laser technology solutions surrounding laser metal fusion (LMF) and laser metal deposition (LMD).

To preview their booth at RAPID + TCT 2022 and offer some insight into additive manufacturing trends, Angie Szerlong SME’s Additive Manufacturing Industry Manager caught up with Adam Simons, head of additive manufacturing sales and product at TRUMPF, before heading to RAPID + TCT.

Angie: Where will the AM industry be in the next decade?

Adam: In the future, I see expanded adoption of 3D technologies in industries like space, aerospace, automotive, medical & dental, tool & die and many more. There are also a ton of industries with little current exposure to AM that I believe will increasingly adopt and benefit from advances in additive technology to offer better parts capability, support new applications and test unique processes with different materials.

Along with more widespread adoption, I also believe more companies will be thinking additively as a primary driver of growth. Figuring out how to leverage the technology in their business, and hiring more engineers with an additive mindset, will allow for more effective and efficient results that will provide a major edge over the competition.

With organizations experiencing issues with supply chain and lead times during the pandemic, more organizations have seen the eye-opening opportunity to develop and operate their own supply chain using additive technology, rather than having to rely on production from overseas—or even across the country.

Additionally, we’re seeing leadership teams employing a top-down approach to additive, where they’re going to their engineering teams with a desire to leverage the technology as a solution—a stark contrast from even a decade ago, when AM was less mature and merely on decision-makers’ periphery.

Angie: Why do you think RAPID + TCT is so important to the AM community?

Adam: RAPID + TCT is special because it’s one of the few events that focuses solely on AM and attracts a broad array of industries. This industrial melting pot produces unparalleled insight into which trends are evolving, how they’re being advanced, what the present and future needs are, and where the focuses lie.

With AM always in need of more and better talent, events like RAPID + TCT provide younger generations with a fantastic opportunity to learn what’s possible by interacting with exhibitors, hearing from experienced professionals and networking with the leaders of this industry. It’s really a tremendous way of gaining exposure to multiple areas of interest and application.

Angie: What will TRUMPF be doing at RAPID + TCT 2022?

Adam: TRUMPF will be set up in the RAPID + TCT exhibitor hall at Booth #2908. We’re using this year’s event to address a range of use cases with the different products we offer. This includes demonstrating laser marking of 3D metal printed parts with a TruMark Station 7000 laser marking station, featuring a TruMark 6030 laser marker and VisionLine 3 feature recognition capability.

Marking additive components enables manufacturers to trace the development of a part from design through its manufacturing and end use. This becomes critical to part certification, especially in medical and aerospace applications.

A virtual showroom will be available for participants to take a deep dive into our AM products and help determine the right equipment for different application and part requirements. In addition, we’ll be displaying parts that demonstrate our LMD and LMF applications for the aerospace, space, medical and dental industries.

The TRUMPF team looks forward to sharing the progress we’ve made in AM for the different industries we support, and learning more about the trends and future needs of the market, at RAPID + TCT 2022.

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