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Why RAPID + TCT 2022 is “Next Level” for Additive Manufacturing

Angie Szerlong, Industry Manager – Additive Manufacturing, SME

RAPID + TCT 2022 returns to its roots in Detroit’s Huntington Place from May 17-19.

Thousands of the additive manufacturing (AM) community’s most influential decision makers—including engineers, designers, innovators and researchers—are expected to gather in full strength to connect, network, showcase and survey the innovative technologies, products and processes defining the future of our industry.

Detroit Driving AM

As the birthplace of RAPID + TCT, metro Detroit is unique and inspiring in the way its industries and organizations come together to drive AM forward—it’s part of the reason why the region has hosted more of our AM events anywhere else. Led by the automotive sector—one of the earliest adopters and advancers of 3D technologies and capabilities—the region generates more AM innovation than just about anywhere else in the world.

SMARTech Analysis predicts that automotive 3D printing will reach $9 billion in revenue by 2029 for end-use parts alone. The time to focus on this remarkable opportunity for innovation is now. Unveiling a new automotive track, RAPID + TCT provides an opportunity to hear from the industry’s top leaders as they share insights on how 3D technology is transforming the automotive production lifecycle—from design to distribution.

Since AM is still in its adolescence, the groundbreaking work produced by one organization doesn’t always stay behind closed doors. Collaborative efforts between major OEMs and suppliers alike ensure everyone mutually benefits from advances in 3D printing.

Efforts to adopt AM go beyond automotive, in 2020 Automation Alley—Michigan’s Industry 4.0 knowledge center and SME regional partner—gifted 350 Markforged 3D printers to small- and mid-sized manufacturers to create the country’s largest 3D printer network on a blockchain technology platform.

The initiatives advancing AM in Michigan are serving as blueprints for other states and counties, and they’re only getting more advanced as organizations better learn how to use 3D technologies to reduce lead times, eliminate costs, and produce cleaner, lighter, safer parts.

Understanding the Future of AM

RAPID + TCT 2022 attendees will have more opportunities than ever to experience the next level of additive manufacturing firsthand. Over the course of three days400+ hands-on exhibits will cover virtually every aspect of AM, providing opportunities to learn about the latest technology breakthroughs, offering interactive moments, showcasing real-world solutions from industry experts, and demonstrating knowledge that will favorably impact the bottom line.

While last year’s event in Chicago was the first to return in-person, attendance was impacted as new variants and subsequent city restrictions appeared. This year in Detroit, everything is fully open, and we’re expecting to exceed pre-pandemic attendance.

Thousands of people will once again be afforded the chance to see parts, processes and technologies up close, interact with each exhibit to feel for material quality, strength and flexibility, and organically network with each other to solve manufacturing problems, discuss the state of the industry and forge valuable new connections. These are all elements of RAPID + TCT that simply can’t be replicated in a virtual environment, and we’re excited to return to the days we know.

AM has progressed tremendously over the past two years. For the first time this decade, RAPID + TCT 2022 will see the world's most influential AM OEMs unveil the technologies, processes and collaborations that will accelerate the industry to new heights. These will be moments you have to see live to truly appreciate.

This year’s conference will also bring back multiple industry-specific tracks, topic-based tracks and more to ensure attendees at every level will be able to leave with valuable and relatable insights.

Industry-specific tracks include:
  • Automotive
  • Healthcare
  • Aerospace
  • Wider Industrial
Topic-specific tracks include R&D, Solutions and Ecosystem. Each track will feature themes spanning Intellectual Property & Security, Materials Processing & Development and others.

Like RAPID + TCT 2021 in Chicago, each session will be categorized under Evaluation, Adoption, or Optimization to further assist attendees in selecting sessions that match where they are on their AM journey.

Connecting with AM Industry Players

RAPID + TCT 2022 will offer several ways to forge strong industry contacts, advance your career, and connect with AM leaders from all backgrounds and sectors.

From conference sessions and a live digital experience, to RAPID + TCT ‘s signature Keynotes and Thought Leadership Series, discussions on the show floor and multiple networking events including the much-anticipated AM Industry Celebration that is open to all event attendees and participants the strength and depth of our AM community sets it apart and makes it unique.

If you want to witness the next level of AM at RAPID + TCT 2022, register here. Click that link to save $100 and receive a free Expo Pass providing access to all exhibits, special presentations, keynotes, thought leadership panels, networking events and more.

We look forward to seeing you in Detroit.