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Why the Who’s Who of Additive Manufacturing attends RAPID + TCT

Steve Prahalis, Chief Operating Officer, SME

Next month at McCormick Place in Chicago, the most innovative and influential members of the Additive Manufacturing (AM) community will gather for RAPID + TCT like they have for 30 years.

Why has RAPID + TCT become, over the past three decades, North America’s largest and most influential AM event? It comes down to the strength and quality of the information, the AM community that encompasses the attendees, delegates, advisors, speakers, exhibitors and sponsors all convene at this event every year. Every event is promoted as the industry’s best, but with RAPID+ TCT it’s always true: this event offers real value to its attendees every year.

Community: Connecting with more than 5,000 like minds for real value

More than 5,000 of the AM industry’s top decision makers including engineers, designers, innovators, and researchers, gather at RAPID + TCT annually, making this event the place for the AM community to connect, network, learn, and do business. Go to RAPID + TCT, and come home with smarter strategies, improved skills, actionable tactics, and real connections with the innovators shaping the future of AM.

Driven by a common technology rather than a common specialty, RAPID + TCT offers opportunities to learn how experts in many industries are using additive manufacturing — and how you can integrate and benefit from those uses at your own organization. That’s why the who’s who of additive manufacturing attends RAPID + TCT: practical, actionable insights combined with the strongest and broadest community in the industry.

For industry leaders like Carl Dekker, president of Met-L-Flo and president of the Additive Manufacturing Users Group, RAPID + TCT is a must-attend. “Thirty years ago, we called it rapid prototyping,” he says. “Since then, we’ve built an industry evolving into additive manufacturing. In-person meetings like RAPID+TCT have built our community and knowledge base – and together we will continue to advance AM education, network and technology."

Education: Understanding the latest technology advances

From professionals just entering their additive manufacturing careers to some of the most noteworthy names in the industry, everyone who attends RAPID + TCT is going to pick up something new that makes the event worthwhile. “Even after spending 20 years in additive manufacturing and binder jetting, the thing I most look forward to at RAPID + TCT is my opportunity to learn,” says Dan Brunermer, technical fellow at ExOne. “Whether meeting with my friends, customers, colleagues or competitors, or attending a seminar, I know I’m going to learn something.”

The 2021 edition of RAPID + TCT’s conference lineup features speakers and panels that reinforce Brunermer’s point, helping attendees to advance their industry knowledge, plan and execute additive manufacturing strategies, and discover new applications. Dozens of conference presentations by leading experts from companies like Boeing, The Mayo Clinic, General Motors, GE, and Desktop Metal and many others will help you to empower your team to recognize the value of 3D technology within your own companies and products. In addition, the RAPID + TCT Conference offers more than 70 presentations, all themed under Evaluation, Adoption and Optimization offering a deeper dive in smaller group formats that facilitate interaction and direct learning for all levels of manufacturing professionals on their AM journey.

Additive manufacturing shows unique promise for the medical and biomedical industries – and RAPID + TCT 2021 will showcase additive manufacturing in these fields — including in-depth education on the design and manufacture of implants, dental devices and tissues using a variety of groundbreaking technologies. The event will also showcase medical enabling and emerging technologies (MEET) companies that are impacting medicine and patient care.

Exhibitors: Meet the companies driving innovation in additive manufacturing

Over the course of the three days, led by a powerhouse of global AM OEMs, more than 250 hands-on exhibits covering virtually every aspect of additive manufacturing provide opportunities to learn about the latest technology breakthroughs, engage in interactive experiences, learn real-world solutions from industry experts, and acquire knowledge that can have a favorable impact on your bottom line.

Many of these exhibitors will make announcements or reveal new products at RAPID + TCT 2021 -- more than 200 new products are expected this year. That’s another reason the who’s who of additive manufacturing are at RAPID + TCT: to see “what’s next” before their rivals and gain competitive advantage.

Networking: Connecting with the players who help business grow

Conference sessions, networking both on and off the show floor, and a live digital experience offer you opportunities to forge strong industry contacts, advance your career, and connect with additive manufacturing leaders from all backgrounds and sectors. The strength and depth of the RAPID + TCT community sets it apart and makes it unique.


If you’re one of the who’s who – or if you’re one of the who’s next – in additive manufacturing, you’ll be at RAPID + TCT 2021. Register here, using the promo code RP21EXPO100, to receive a free Expo Pass providing access to all exhibits, special presentations, keynotes, thought leadership panels and more. We’ll look forward to seeing you there!