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Why Your Organization Needs to Attend RAPID + TCT 2019

Additive manufacturing has seen enormous growth in recent years, with 3D printing becoming a household topic—or application! Many organizations around the world are finding ways to use this technology in their design and production processes throughout a wide variety of industries, such as aerospace, defense, automotive, healthcare and more.

Whether your organization has implemented additive manufacturing or is considering working with 3D printing technologies, you have likely heard of RAPID + TCT, the additive manufacturing industry’s leading conference.

With RAPID + TCT 2019 being held May 20-23 in downtown Detroit, your organization can have a front row seat to see the latest and greatest in additive manufacturing.

 Discover New 3D Printing Technologies

 RAPID + TCT is the industry’s stage for major providers of additive technologies to unveil and showcase their latest products. This means you’ll see the newest technologies at work side-by-side and witness major product launches that don’t happen anywhere else. Who knows? The innovative 3D printing technologies you discover and adopt at RAPID + TCT 2019 could end up transforming your business and manufacturing processes in incredible ways.

Connect with Industry Leaders, Experts and Investors

Over 7,000 industry leaders and decision makers will descend on Detroit’s Cobo Center for RAPID + TCT 2019. These are the most influential and experienced additive manufacturing professionals in the world. You’ll have the chance to consult with these experts, identifying new opportunities, discussing potential challenges and exploring new applications for your business.

In addition to industry peers and experts, there will be dozens of investors in attendance at RAPID + TCT. If your company develops its own additive technologies, this is the perfect conference to put your products in front of the people who matter most to the growth of your business.

Broaden Your Knowledge of Additive Manufacturing

RAPID + TCT offers attendees a glimse into the latest developments, processes, applications, materials and research in additive manufacturing. The conference features a panel of industry-leading keynote speakers and over 110 presentations, each of which offers insights for using additive manufacturing to unlock creativity and innovation, reduce costs and bring products to market faster. It’s also easy to prioritize your conference schedule, with each presentation labeled as novice, intermediate or expert.

In addition, there are several experiences offered at RAPID + TCT 2019 to give attendees hands-on exposure to additive technologies. These include:

GM Solutions Center

The GM Solution Center will feature a variety of fun 3D experiences for event attendees. Come get hands-on with opportunities in design, 3D printing, materials testing and more. See how these solutions are being applied to end-use applications and talk with industry experts about their experiences.

Smart Manufacturing Hub

 The Smart Manufacturing Hub features several advanced manufacturing technologies, including automation, advanced materials, 3D printing, IIoT, 3D scanning and more. Technical presentations from industry-leading smart technology providers will offer deep insights on recent developments in this rapidly evolving field.

Knowledge Bar

At the Knowledge Bar, attendees will have daily opportunities to ask the experts — RAPID + TCT advisors and representatives from SME’s AM Community — about all things additive. From trend discussions to deeper, application based sessions, this one-on-one time with the smartest minds in the additive manufacturing industry is catered to each attendee’s needs.

Visit Detroit, Michigan

 For 2019, RAPID + TCT is returning to its birthplace of Detroit. The Comeback City has experienced more than $13 billion in new investments across 200+ projects since 2006 and is home to one of the country’s most skilled and highly concentrated engineering workforces. Visiting this manufacturing and innovation hotbed brings attendees face-to-face with unique perspectives on additive applications.

Michigan ranks number one in automotive manufacturing — an industry loaded with early and enthusiastic adoption of additive manufacturing technologies — and is ranked fourth for total manufacturing jobs of any type. The Great Lakes State is also a national leader in cutting-edge research and development, where key industry players from around the world have facilities to collaborate and shape the future of mobility and manufacturing.

Valuable Takeaways

 Following the 2018 event, 81% of attendees were very/extremely satisfied with their experience attending RAPID + TCT. From cutting-edge technologies and new applications to inspiring keynotes and informative presentations, your experience at RAPID + TCT 2019 will provide enormous returns for your organization, equipping your team with the know-how to take your design and manufacturing processes to the next level.