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RAPID + TCT 2019

RAPID + TCT 2019 Keynote | AM: Leveraging Design Capabilities for Production of Healthcare Devices

Keynote Speaker: Naomi Murray, PhD, Directory, Advance Operation, Additive Technology Solution, Stryker

Focusing on innovation, design freedom, and improving healthcare, Stryker’s Tritanium® technology has been used in several FDA-cleared orthopedic implants. Dr. Murray shares her experiences highlighting how AMagine, Stryker’s proprietary approach to implant creation using additive manufacturing, has made possible revolutionary design freedom.

RAPID + TCT 2019 Keynote | Disruptive Technology and Innovation

Keynote Speaker: Bill Taylor, Cofounder, Fast Company

The digital revolution is reshaping the logic of competition, work, and manufacturing. In his keynote address, bestselling author Bill Taylor shares lessons and case studies from industry’s most successful digital disruptors and the world’s most effective leaders. He shows manufacturing leaders the new rules of success as they master the challenges of innovation.

RAPID + TCT 2019 Keynote | Carbon and Riddell: Bringing Innovation to Head Protection

Keynote Speakers: Erika Berg, Head of Application Development, Carbon and Vittorio Bologna, Research and Development Manager, Riddell

Carbon and Riddell have partnered to bring customized, digital design innovation to head protection through Riddell’s new Diamond helmet platform. Hear Erika Berg and Vittorio Bologna discuss the recent breakthroughs in software, hardware and materials that make the Diamond platform possible, including the new L1 printer and custom resin material.

RAPID + TCT 2019 | What’s New: Roundup of the Latest 3D Printing and 3D Scanning Products

Speaker: Todd Grimm, President, T.A. Grimm & Associates, Inc.

Catch up on all of the new products in 3D printing and 3D scanning. With what seems to be weekly announcements of new and improved solutions, it can be a challenge to stay on top of it all. In this fast-paced review of what’s new since RAPID + TCT 2018, Todd Grimm offers highlights so that you know what you need to see at RAPID + TCT 2019.


RAPID + TCT 2018

RAPID + TCT 2018 Keynote | Printing the Future

Keynote Speaker: Terry Wohlers, Principal Consultant and President, Wohlers Associates Inc.

As new additive manufacturing companies, products, and services are developing at a staggering pace, clarity on where to invest an organization’s efforts is paramount. Terry Wohlers addresses what is practical to focus on. He also discusses opportunities and challenges related to material pricing, supply chains, quality, and infrastructure development.

RAPID + TCT 2018 Keynote | Rise of Point-of-Care Manufacturing

Keynote Speakers: Jonathan Morris, Co-Director, Anatomical Modeling Laboratory, Neuroradiologist & Amy Alexander, Senior Biomedical Engineer, Anatomic Modeling Laboratory, Mayo Clinic

For both device and point-of-care manufacturers, improvements in machines, materials, software, and processes is enabling an expansion of 3D printing applications in medicine. Jonathan Morris, MD and Amy Alexander, BME, MS share how point-of-care manufacturing is providing patient care advantages, presenting unique obstacles of engineering within a hospital, creating the need for collaboration across disciplines, and impacting the lives of many patients and their families.

RAPID + TCT 2018 Keynote | Tomorrow’s Additive Manufacturing: An Aerospace & Defense OEM Perspective

Keynote Speaker: Michael D. Packer, Director of Manufacturing, Advanced Production Programs, Lockheed Martin Skunk Works®

Advancements made in additive manufacturing materials and processes have led to expanded applications in the Aerospace & Defense (A&D) sector, but there remains critical advancements that must be made within the additive industry, academia, and the A&D community itself, before the promise of additive manufacturing can be fully realized. Hear from Michael D. Packer on how Lockheed Martin leverages additive manufacturing to save time, improve creativity, and more.

RAPID + TCT 2018 Kickoff

At the annual RAPID + TCT Kickoff, the 2018 SME/Additive Manufacturing Community awards are announced. Next, Todd Grimm provides a can’t-miss roundup of the latest products in 3D printing and 3D scanning. Following Todd’s presentation, keynote speakers from USA Luge and award-winning animation studio LAIKA discuss how they are utilizing Stratasys technologies to spur innovation in sports and entertainment.