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Exhibitor Referral Suite

Welcome to your Exhibitor Referral Suite for RAPID + TCT 2024!

This suite is full of tools to invite prospective customers and social followers to join you at RAPID + TCT 2024. Their registrations make you eligible for our Exhibitor Lead-Gen Contest, so share away! When someone registers with the code embedded in these tools, you’ll receive their information to track and follow up on their experience at the show.

If you forget how to access your Exhibitor Referral Suite, search for an email from with subject line “Exhibitor Referral Suite: Drive More Traffic to Your Booth at RAPID + TCT 2024” or click here.

Let’s get started! First, update your information by clicking “Edit My Information” 

Ensure all of your company’s information is up to date. Please upload a logo 250 x250 pixels or smaller. These details, including your logo, will be incorporated into your customized referral suite tools.

Your Customized Landing Page

Click “See My Landing Page.” This tool is the easiest way to promote your participation and invite guests on social media.

Click “Share” and you’ll see available social media channels. By clicking the names, you’ll share your custom landing page to your social media account, which includes a unique link to registration. You will gain access to everyone who registers via this as a lead.

Click “Copy to the Clipboard” to get the direct link to your Custom Landing Page. Use this URL whenever you promote your participation and to gain leads. You can link to it in blog posts, your Custom Email Signature (detailed below), or anywhere else a link is handy.

Emailing Your Inviations 

“Invite My Network” is an easy way to share your presence with an email list. You can send a co-branded invitation to individual email addresses or upload a list in .xlsx, .csv or .tsv files. For help, you can download a template for the contacts.

Note: These email lists remain private and are not shared with the event organizers, SME and Rapid News Pulibications, or the platform vendor.

Additional Custom Graphics

"Email Signature and Social Graphics” is where you will find customized graphics for sharing. First, click the two arrows in a circle to update the graphic with your company name and booth number . Below you’ll find the best way to use each of the three graphics.

  1. The first image is an email signature. Download it, and import the image into your email signature, making sure to hyperlink it to your Custom Landing Page.
  2. The second image is an additional way to share participation on social media. Download it and share it to your social channels, making sure to include a link to your Custom Landing Page in the caption.
  3. The third image is a banner ad you can place on your website. Click ‘Copy Embed Code’ and paste the code it generates in an email to your web developer. They can embed the ad on your website.

Accessing Your Leads

Finally, once someone registers with your link, you’ll be able to download their information by logging-in to the Exhibitor Dashboard then scrolling down and clicking “Exhibitor Referral Suite.” Then you’ll click “Invite Customers” and click the number after “My registered guests” or “My Exhibitor Referral Suite registrants” to download their contact information. For more info on accessing your leads, click here.