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Enhanced Digital Profile

RAPID + TCT 2023 features an immersive Digital Experience! And we’re very excited to provide all of our exhibitors with a complimentary digital profile. You can learn more about the complimentary digital profile here. Stay tuned for more information on how to upgrade to our Enhanced Digital Profile, you can get even more benefits from our RAPID + TCT Digital Experience.

The RAPID + TCT Digital Experience will help provide more leads for your company, extend your sales cycle to our audiences, and allow for significantly more visibility.

Learn How To Increase Your Visibility



Dynamic Exposure & Elevated Visibility

Your enhanced digital profile will help you connect with attendees whether they are attending RAPID + TCT 2023 in person or virtually. You will be able to promote your products and solutions, demonstrate thought leadership with videos, communicate with attendees via chat or email, and even participate in gamification to drive on-site traffic to your booth. Your digital booth will be active before, during, and after RAPID + TCT 2023 to extend your sales cycle with our audience.

Equipment Purchase


of RAPID + TCT attendees are directly involved in equipment purchase desicions.


Innovative Ideas


of the RAPID + TCT audience are small shops looking for innovative solutions.


Business Owners


of the people you will be talking to are business owners, corporate executives or company management.

Enhanced Digital Profile Inclusions



Large Booth Size

Access more ability to brand your booth with a large cover photo and gain higher visibility in the digital experience.

Add Resources to Your Listing

Add images, flyers, PDFs, to your listings so app users can view/download.

Add Links, Images and Custom Messaging to your Listing Description

Your digital listing description can be customized to include hyperlinks, images, etc.

Add a Call-to-Action Button to Your Listing

Add a button to your listing that can link to your website, email, or product landing page, etc.

Add a Book a Meeting/Contact Us Button to Your Listing

Receive inbound inquires from the digital experience audience that your team can respond to.

Add Social Media Links

Include your social media links in your listing.

Featured Video

Highlight your company with a featured video native on your digital listing.

Additional Video Links

Add more videos to your digital booth through web links.

Gamification Inclusion

Drive traffic to your exhibit by participating the on-site ‘Fan Challenge’. Attendees will receive a unique code by visiting your booth that they can submit to win prizes.

Push Notification

Send one custom push notification to a targeted audience segment. You can choose two audience segments to send your notification to.

Livestream or Simu-live Session

Set-up a video conference or product demonstration for the event hours using your preferred software. Send the link to your meeting and the time it will take place. Don’t have the ability to livestream? You can also submit a Simu-live session that will be set to go live at a specific day and time.
*may require hardline purchase, not included with this agreement.

Chat Feature

Ability to engage with attendees at your booth within the digital experience.

Enhanced Digital Booth Callouts

Added tag for your listing profile that indicates enhanced status.

Agenda Callout (if livestreaming)

Enhanced booth livestream will be added to overall event agenda for attendees to view and add to their personalized agenda.

Social Media Post

You will receive one pre-show social media post from the RAPID + TCT social channels.

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