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Addiblast post-processing solutions bring together 3 key post-processing solutions within the same product line:depowdering, powder recovery, and surface treatment of 3D-printed parts, whether made from plastic or metal. The ADDIBLAST smart solution series is the latest user-friendly line of machines from FerroECOBlast®, a company boasting over 58 years of tradition, continuous development and a drive for excellence, which is an indispensable surface treatment partner to various industries such as aeronautical, medical, automotive, foundry, and more. The new machines are specifically designed for post-processing in additive manufacturing (AM), better known as 3D printing. The family of ­­new machines follows Industry 4.0 guidelines and includes state-of-the-art automated solutions of key processes for more efficient depowdering of parts, recycling of excess powder, and surface treatment of 3D-printed products, regardless of the material used. The goal is to achieve the immediate usefulness of 3D-printed parts in practice and to reduce costs. Post processing, redefined.
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