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AM Start-Up Technology Award

Have you developed a technology or application that solves an existing problem or unique approach? Does it have potential to serve a large or niche market? Tell us more!

If your company has been registered to do business within the last 3 years at RAPID + TCT and attending RAPID + TCT 2024, then you are eligible to apply.

Applicants should provide a 300-word summary about the technology and how it is or can be used, market potential, and basic company information.

Finalists will be scheduled (in-booth or elsewhere) to meet prior to RAPID + TCT with a panel of judges. The winning technology will be announced, and physical award provided to a company representative. A representative of the company must be in attendance at RAPID + TCT 2024.

(Note: Exhibition in the event is NOT a requirement for eligibility)


Technical Feasibility (25%)

The technology has been demonstrated or is feasibly sound

Uniqueness (25%)

Technology or application of the technology solves an existing problem or a unique approach

Market Potential (25%)

Technology has potential to serve a large or niche market

Writeup Quality (25%)

Writeup is well-written, and all questions were answered.